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ad·ven·ture -n: an exciting or very unusual experience.

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Adventure Read
Follow Quinn Lewis, who is a modern day cross between Indiana Jones and MacGyver, as he leads a team on an epic treasure hunt in a remote canyon of Idaho. Lewis must employ unconventional tools and sometimes reckless methods, using whatever’s available to overcome each new obstacle thrown his way. Come along as the team works to solve a 200-year old riddle, battling long odds as they brave thundering rapids, sheer rock walls, and a treacherous, watery cave; all while evading a team of mercenaries bent on claiming the treasure for themselves.

Will they find the treasure? Will Lewis's brain and brawn be enough to overcome all the challenges? What crazy, innovative scheme will he come up with next? Buckle up; it’s bound to be a wild ride…

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Race Spotlight
The Spartan Death Race isn't a traditional multi-sport adventure race. It really is a mud run... on steroids. This race looks absolutely brutal. Reminds me of some of the rumors I have heard about the Navy Seals or Delta Force training. This race will break you down physically and mentally. They say that about 90% don't finish - and these are all tough individuals to start with. There are other races in the Spartan series that are made for us mortals - check them out here.